Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This reports reporter

The new airplane is in the process of developing in although having already carried on chanel bags a great deal of but perfect theory calculation and various ground is still on trial,have a certain risk while carrying on the first-time flight and high difficulty category to fly.This also requests to try to fly member while meeting an excrescent phenomenon, the ability is accurate to judge and carefully handle in time.Try to fly a member generally to choose from the experienced airplane pilot, aviation college the graduate student and engineering the technical personnel, the beard passes by specialized of strict of training.
Because the work has Gao risk, be placed in over a long period of time high empty and high radiation, big extremities, such as burden and pure oxygen...etc. of try to fly a member to mainly regard male as principle under the environment.This reports reporter, Li Biao,

3 quality achievement 2 times

In 1987 drive Liberation Arm the always political department review for"whole army advanced women", is Communist Party of China tenth time and 13 national congress representativeses.Successively the glory signs No. 2 quality achievement once, No. 3 quality achievement 2 times, aircraft industry head office a wait achievement once.
Try to fly employee to make to have Gao risk
Although from the public data it is can hardly for inside to find out an our country to try the total amount of flying the member,the concerning the hero story that tries to fly a member usually sees the various report carrying.
100 degrees 100 sections suggest that trying to fly a member mainly is to exclusively serve as the airplane pilot whom the airplane flight experiments a task.With the biggest dissimilarity of common airplane pilot BE, the airplane driven by them never someone once flew.Try to fly a member in the middle chanel handbags of trying to fly in addition to pressing to request to safely complete to fly action, also want to explain various flight phenomenon from the theory, accurately report a flight circumstance, put forward chanel handbags to improve a suggestion.

This kind of to take the Nian Tuo that the carving decorates

The farmer is a social minority community, bearing debt the farmer work wages has already become social confirmed disease.If don,t mold "protection absolute being" for farmer work from the system and the law, unavoidably also appear to look for the strange affair of Duo Duo that"all fairies"s protect, that is the painful people and the pain of country!
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(Responsibility editor:Week path 偲 )
Related video frequency:City Wei pair the secretary take "dismantle chanel purses to move any reaches"
Left diagram:in the small park village, a few dogs still guard is having already moved house of empty yard in, in poor fettlely wait for host coming back.Medium diagram:Wang Cheng Hu say:"has never chanel handbags once seen before I have ever been to many villages, this kind of to take the Nian Tuo that the carving decorates."Right diagram:there are more than ten Jus on this water jar nail.At present, the occupation " Ju Jiang", have already become a history word in a lot of places.

Even pay the life price of being born

Bearing debt farmer work wages is already a long time an and involve thousand ten thousand social problems.In 2010, above-mentioned affairs far from individual case.Farmer work segment in Hunan day long encounter violence raid to unfortunately die while begging for to want wages, more chanel bags than 100 farmers work in Hubei begged for a salary in Shaanxi anti- is held by more than 300 men the wood rod beat°up ……farmer work in order to fight for his/her own legal labor income, don,t know to pay how much blood and sweat, even pay the life price of being born.Difficulties of maintain the rights of the road burned each citizen is mind, obviously the disadvantage is social the fair justice at the maintenance.
The business chanel purses enterprise has an obligation to issue wages in time, the related section has a responsibility to make to take charge of normalization.Bear debt farmer work wages multifarious conscience imperfection, law consciousness for presenting to public, highlighting an entrepreneur is weak thin and government the related section enforce the law dint not, protect the law of farmer work rights to lack rigid etc. many problems.There is expert that Be candid in saying:Basic reason BE, under the current law frame, owing salary not only can,t be subjected to punishment even also will be subjected to a benefit because of owing salary.Just because of such, owe salary to just greatly go its teachings, even develop to owe salary is with the degree that the violence deals with to beg for salary farmer work!

Do these"funny" actions

Really, this kind of does obeisance the way of doing of river god in the public tour place fiesta not satisfactory, has already borrowed to arouse a society concern and facilitate problem-solving motive.But chanel handbags chanel handbags look back farmer work to beg for the way of salary, "jump off a building a show", "jump a tower show", block up a door, block up road and kneel to beg an etc., have bad influence naturally to the social order.But we are this kind of kind of in the disaffection beg for a salary method of at the same time, should even cross-examine more some"why".Begging for the salary can ask for help to relatedly maintain the rights a section, can make an appeal to law, why is the farmer labor union "go for the obtuse", do these"funny" actions?Do they fall overboard for "perform a show"?
The fiesta does obeisance river god, the thou has already had it.The ancient fiesta does obeisance river god in order to beg breeze to adjust rain fluently, that since is to unknown hold in high esteem, also is to a kind of helpless choice of force majeure.The farmer work fiesta does obeisance river god to hope to beg for salary success today, this is to beg for a heart of salary road helpless expression to the farmer work difficulties, and is to power section is not of exquisite irony.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Construction that is an information-based system

Wu Yu Liang points out that go bad a becoming of phenomenon because of is complicated, anti- corrupt history progress in all countries and system of the set waits also because the state of the nation is different, the way of doing doesn,t exert a homology as well.
"I want to be a little bit explanatory here BE, the system construction is a system engineering, there is objective progress.A system set wants to want to can be carried out, make it after, don,t walk form, must have a series of integration.We feel that the demand is fortified now, construction that is a social reputation system, construction that is an information-based system."He says.
(Responsibility editor:Li Meng Yi)
New China net Chuang in the stone house gives or gets an electric shock(reporter, Zhang Tao , ) new superhighway in the city on December 29 two expect the 29th to be open to traffic, it will set up the high-speed passage of another Peking and Zhang Jia Kou is and hide a superhighway car to flow to the reposition of redundant personnel city, the perfect northwest goes to the capital of the network structure have realistic meaning.

Is an effective system

Wu Yu Liang said that party and government have been chasing system construction as an anti- corrupt foundation work.Property is declaring is many systems that the nations have been already practiced, is an effective system, China has been embracing as well to actively push forward of attitude.
"For example I just mentioned we at 《 Cheng cures and prevents from going bad system constucting to program for 2008-2012 years 》in declared system to the property to carry on research and argument as a task to lift out.We promulgate this year of re- revise of concerning leadership the staff report an individual concerning the item rules in, and then report personal income of staffs of leadership, include house property and invest circumstance and spouse is sons and daughters are important rules to lift out from the circumstances like industry,etc."Wu Yu Liang says that" all of these is in the process of pushing forward property to declare system in of actual operation step."

Introduction 《Chinese anti- go bad and Lian government construction 》 White Paper relevant circumstance

Win a totally central political bureau to convene a meeting on December 28, research deploy 2011 party breeze Lian government construction and anti- corrupt work.The meeting emphasizes that concentrating strength works out the outstanding problem that the anti- Fu initiates the reflection mightiness of the masses of the people in the Lian construction.To go deep into to push forward particularly an item to manage a work continue to deepen engineering construction realm outstanding problem and"small treasury" particularly the item manages and go deep into to develop celebration ceremony, seminar and forum excessive lead over problem and official business be particularly used a car problem item to manage.(Source:Chinese news net)
(Responsibility editor:Li Meng Yi)
Win a new net to give or get an electric shock news office in State Department to hold a news conference today on December 29, introduction 《Chinese anti- go bad and Lian government construction 》 White Paper relevant circumstance.Central Ji Wei often Wei and general secretary Wu Yu Liang responded to officials property Mr. to show the related problem of system.

"the central office has something to do with office in State Department is wanting a set recently the bus provide with the new rules of use

(Responsibility editor:Li Meng Yi)
Medium Ji Wei often Wei and general secretary Wu Yu Liang reveal today, the bus problem is central Ji Wei next year inspect a department to want is an item particularly is a point work for cleaning up, "the central office has something to do with office in State Department is wanting a set recently the bus provide with the new rules of use, this rules ratio pass by more strict."
This afternoon, news office in State Department holds to release a meeting, introduction 《China anti- go bad and Lian government construction 》 White Paper relevant circumstance.Wu Yu Liang at will ascend to make one above-mentioned mean.
"For example to the standard amount of exhaust of the staff from department class in province bus equipment and purchase taxes all compare in the past strict, to political organization with keep the official business of belonging to the business unit to use a drawing up of car also compare in the past strict."Wu Yu Liang says.

We feel very dependable

In addition, China escorted a warship to once send as well especially and fought member of team is implementation with the ship escort, and sent a technical personnel to help steamer to fix breakdown, and sent parts of non-staple foodstuffs for steamer.
"The ambition is strong" number captain in Hong Kong Li Ting Dong says:"Before being more than 10 day, many seaman in the minds are all very nervous when learning of our ship has to pass Gulf of Aden waters.Now have the motherland the navy is nearby escorting, we feel very dependable, also very proud of."
For form gratitude, November, 2009, clear China shipping company in Hong Kong especially the idea bought the fresh fruits and vegetable of 5000 kilograms and sent greetings in Gulf of Aden, Somalia waters carry out China of task to escort to organize into teams.See the fruits, such as watermelon, pineapple, tomato and hot pepper...etc. and vegetable that a box of box has been with meticulous care chosen and packed, the fourth in China escorts to organize into teams a vice- conductor member to attend to gift Kang major general to feel attracted ground to say:"What they delivered isn,t only only fruits and vegetable, but the feeling of care and love of Hong Kong compatriot to sons soldier, strengthened our completion to escort the confidence of task so much."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And the limit of for bought to make last month

Hesitate medium wait for lifting the ban?
Some upscale building dish in Yungkang City is selling building place hasn,t been having house sale since September, this year established.Selling a personnel means that the building is dish has already opened to set up in this March, but has never applied for to prepare to sell permission up to now."The real estate businessman of Yungkang all in fact does industry, their funds pressures are opposite smaller, now this circumstance, they aren,t hasty to sell a house."
And the limit of for bought to make last month, the sale is personnel also complained to the reporter, "the department concerned true demand understood the need of the region, if limit in 2 sets, can carry out an improvement type housing need."
The reporter understands in the interview, Yungkang City isn,t hasty to get to prepare a real estate company who sell the permission not at minority.The another first floor dish sale manager said that"this year second half year of Yungkang building City is basic don,t walk what quantity, a lot of real estate companies are also hesitating, wait for policy variety."

But the request that can buy one suite of basis"limit buy to make"

But in this sale manager is eyes, 140 ㎡s be the essential door of Yungkang type.In order to evade 9070 policies, develop a company to start will originally 140 ㎡s are big set of of programming become the design of two sets of 70 ㎡s, the customer wants to carry out two house property certificates while handing over building, break through wall and then can live big set of, this kind of is two sets of combine 1 set is almost a Qian rule, very universal in the region building dish of Yungkang.
But the request that can buy one suite of basis"limit buy to make", in former days of the Qian rule step aside to put a company to get enmeshed in a web of one is own spinning at present."Can do a house property certificate, that wanted the person who buy"2 sets combine a set of" improvement type housing cans not buy a house.And folio hair company come to say, list set the function isn,t whole, also is not likely to tear open sale."Some building dish in Yungkang sells manager to distress for this.

Such as building and Lian house renting

This manager is disaffection relates to"9070" policies.The construction department waited nine Weis to once unite the hair 《concerning adjust the housing supplied the structure the opinion for stabilizing housing price 》 , request from from June 1, 2006, any was new to examine and approve, the merchandise housing of the new opening construction, set the type constructed area 90 square meter the specific weight that following housing(contained economy to apply housing) area has, have to attain development to constuct total area of above 70%.
"A lot of cities are very vivid, will are economy 70% index signs to apply constructions, such as building and Lian house renting...etc. to use ground while carrying out 9070 policies, but the way of doing of Yungkang City presses index sign completely in opening a company head.The real estate company is while developing building dish in Yungkang, 90 ㎡ the following housing proportion want to have to 70%."

The real estate company complains"the limit buys to make" is impractical
Buy to make to the limit of government set

But the local medium have already reported to think as well, the set house property adjusts to control a new policy, the purpose wants to let a real estate market ability health stabilize a development, Gao Fang Jia is situation isn,t likely to pass a the paper"limit buy to make" but medicine to disease in addition to, this is just an expectation.But aught, the set governmental order and detailed regulations repress building price crazy rise, its the policy lead to meaning to be far larger than realistic efficiency.
The real estate company complains"the limit buys to make" is impractical
Buy to make to the limit of government set, but the real estate company of Yungkang has another viewpoint.Yungkang some building dish sale manager said, "the "limit buy to make" theory in Yungkang don,t contact very much physically, even ungrateful."

Old Wang walked of the road from the item department of his place all

Old Wang is manager Mr. Wu says that hit persons the public security belong to another item department, that day noon, the other party pays 2000 dollars money to him, but these money barely enough pays to hospitalize expenses.That day afternoon, hit persons the item department that public security belongs to the staff member come to hospital to look into and left at once very much after swaying 1 turn.
"He should not walk our passage, if not that the dog is worn by the iron chain Shuan, he is early bitten cripple."Hit persons the item department that public security belongs to is manager Zhang Zhi Qing(sound) said to the reporter, old Wang walked of the road from the item department of his place all, old Wang walked to walk of road but be bitten, therefore oneself should be responsible for.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Really worth sympathize with

Provide for Chen Xue Xiang the law helps of Guangdong sky win a law firm director lawyer the piece Be lately strong to think, the verdict over-emphasizes to Chen Xue Xiang is quantity Xing, as a mother of wretchedness, although its behavior violated law, really worth sympathize with, make her come out to look after a daughter quickly from the light opportunity.
The everyone responds
Chen Xue Xiang(little Qian mother):Measuring Xing is over-weight, appeal to higher court.
Small Qian:Left my a person now, I was long to so greatly and never once separate with mother!
The piece is lately strong:(provide for Chen Xue Xiang the law helps of lawyer)Sentence the quantity Xing to Chen Xue Xiang to over-emphasize, as a mother of wretchedness, although its behavior violated law, really worth sympathize with, make her come out to look after a daughter quickly from the light opportunity.

The parents divorced and from now on had never seen a father for several years

Lawyer is viewpoint:The mother is worth sympathizing with to judge suspended sentence
After judging, three accused the person all think that measuring Xing is over-weight, means to appeal to higher court.
Because the mother and uncles along together wear the stripe, the small Qian comes out to sob behind from the court and cries about:"Left my a person now, I was so big to never once separate with mother!"According to understand, the small Qian studies in primary school grade 56, the parents divorced and from now on had never seen a father for several years.The small Qian always depends on each other for life with mother Chen Xue Xiang after, female female is feelings of a pair is always quite good.The 19-year-old small Qian affairs stopped schooling after taking place and rented with 3 aunt and cousins a currently the house of more than 10 square meters, uncle Chen Jian Xiong still has a 2-year-old kid nobody care.

What she carries out not and directly results in to die of behavior

Combine Li Mou is cause of death moreover, Chen Xue Xiang although also participation implementation beat°up,what she carries out not and directly results in to die of behavior, it is opposite lighter to hurt degree, is with round the behavior of beat°upping of view crowd to belong to the same behavior of degree, property.
The court points out that although victim Li Mou has the important suspicion to rape daughter Chen Xue Xiang, according to the existing evidence and not ability full proof and judge Li Mou to indeed have the fact of forcible rape.On these grounds, even if the other party has a graveness suspicion, Chen Xue Xiang et al has the right to seize and turn over to his judicial organ, but the law didn,t give them to carry out injury to even deprive vital right to the suspect of crime.Synthesize whole caseses, victim death of result surely and not Chen Xue Xiang wait person pursue, but objective up indeed resulted in to die or injure result, owing to case occurrence is indeed being a reason for it, the subjective ill nature and Human body harm of the everyone has to weaken, while Chen Xue Xiang have already surrendered to justice, Chen Jian Xiong has already had a great achievement details and provide important clues to make during the period of detention public security official is organization can bust other cases, hence from lightly make an above-mentioned verdict.

But indeed can not expel to have the crowd the circumstance of participation now

The court before now is reviewing, the accused person all puts forward, and also a lot of crowds also participated in to beat°u.Chen Xue Xiang also says that she was just Li Mou Ji is palmses.
The court takes up to find out, Chen Xue Xiang and Chen Jian Xiong is a crime bring up, Chen Jian Xiong and soup Chi Hui and together the case person hold Xie or use boxing feet to beat°up Li Mou together, its death is 3 Chen Xue Xiangs and together case the person is common behavior to.According to the law rules, should undertake a homologous pertaining to crime responsibility to the harm result of common crime according to the respectively concrete behavior and the function.But indeed can not expel to have the crowd the circumstance of participation now, the evidence as well has no to definitely point out is hold Xie to beat°u.Owing to can not concretely affirm that the result that the behavior that fasten who causes to die takes place, sharing of this case pertaining to crime responsibility opposite dispersion, therefore while measuring Xing to each accused person, can consider feeling to give consideration.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Also not value a network safety

Did more than a yearses of black guest, once invaded a lot of websites of high schools, "leap ah leap" said that oneself is never disheveled hair to lead now, "manager is technique of school doesn,t go, some didn,t realize".
"Leap ah leap" calls that oneself is a high school in the Chuan of is reading graduate student, invade and leave"footprint", just because discover that there are a lot of loopholes in these websites, "friendship examination, the good intentions reminds", and can,t modify data in the website, don,t influence the interview of the net friend to the website as well.
Why did you want to adopt this way to remind?"Leap ah leap" says manager is technique of a lot of schools not go, also not value a network safety, even if said to can,t rise a function, either with them.
"Pinning up name is mainly the contesting of of black guest inner part.""Leap ah leap" says.

While some black guests will use "black guest is tool" and seek loophole more convenient

Reporter according to the QQ information of black page, this pet name calls the black guest of "leap ah leap" in the contact."I am black a lot of schools", "leap ah leap" said, the northwest teacher was big, the Chuan teacher is big and some schools of etc. ground in Guangdong, all under his control, he can download the whole website to local or the contents is all deletions, high school inside the Chuan he tries to invade but fail of only have an electronics section big, "technique Gao of the electronics section JSP used in ambassador, can hardly go in".
"Also talk not and up what the black guest is a website to do many, know where had loophole", "leap ah leap" says he is usually to seek loophole to invade, take down a server, all depend hands, while some black guests will use "black guest is tool" and seek loophole more convenient, speed also sooner.

Discover the whole normal

The reporter tries to register a graduate student hospital from home page in Normal University website in Sichuan lord page, discover the whole normal, order to open a few news chains answer, the page shows also as usual."May be a station to order catalogue the bottom added a page document", calculator technique industry insider tells a reporter, have no the circumstance that the chain receives this page under, the website is normal of, but the data of website, may have already all sunk into the black guest is operation very much under.
A lot of websites have the loophole "the good intentions reminds" not to break
Seeing from the information of black page, this invader is all not afraid of to expose himself/herself at 1:00, because he definitely declares to be responsible for this, also leave QQ number.

The empress half segment is "new

Present condition
Hang black page to leave after invading"footprint" to claim to be "big Xia"
"Normal University website in Sichuan is invaded" allowed at 8:00 A.M. yesterday and reported to anticipate according to the net friend, the reporter opened a black guest is page.The address that is Normal University graduate student hospital in Sichuan of the page Web address, first half segment, the empress half segment is "new.asp".
Because the page opens, the page of black background displays a writing gradually in the center:"Respect of managing person, your Web address has already been pinned up black page by me, this invades purely a safety examination!Don,t do to the expensive station any safe break.Be honored very much on your page to say a few words today, I am a big Xia, you have to know a big Xia, can,t be interested in your data.Because your website exists a great deal of loophole and uses a this way notice managing person especially."

Friday, January 7, 2011

Make people feeling very difficult and accept

However, court only because its "the crime motive isn,t very bad", consider feeling from the light punishment, make people feeling very difficult and accept.Together some Ping crime the means is very cruel, not only homicidal but also ground corpse, and she kills of still her personally parents!Thus cruel, and animals He Yi?
Concerning together some Ping of crime motive, the court finds out, the father of the together some Ping together some Feng got brain blood to bolt, can not not only work, and because the cure makes family economic difficult, mother, Li Mou Xiang, of the together some Ping consequently usually fights with together some Feng.But together some Ping because"is unbearable to bear with parents to usually fight but to life despair, hence the creation murders the viewpoint of killing the parents."Only because is unbearable to bear with parents to usually fight to life produce despair, thus weak, let people sympathize with, but thus produce to murder the viewpoint of killing the parents, then make people hate bitterly!

Up to before sending report

Up to before sending report, the reporter hasn,t been having connection to constuct the hall occupation qualifications registration up Shaanxi province center.Source:The sunlight reports
(Responsibility editor:Yellow sea)
Medium the mountain 18-year-old young girl killed parents to combine a ground corpse case to announce verdict yesterday, accused person the together some Ping got the Xing"the dead was slow".Medium Intermediate People is Court in the mountain City refused defense"the parents commit suicide mutually and around" of together some Ping, but called her"the crime motive isn,t very bad", can consider feeling from the light punishment.(《Newspaper in Guangzhou 》 December 28)
If from save the teenager is angle to set out, has no objection to towards killing people ground corpse of together some Ping"consider feeling from the light punishment", we combining, after all, she only have 18 years old, spend similar time, is being placed in the time of life greatly good youth, wither really regrettable.

But net friend after the hair announce

Later on, the reporter consulted personnel examination center in province for this affairs.The staff member says:"Is second class the result for constructing teacher have been already announced now, can check online, why slowly didn,t announce, have already made circumstance elucidation on the website.As for,why always unjust cloth, but net friend after the hair announce, is strangely fits or another have it because of?,This problem I don,t know."
According to staff member say, the reporter found out "concerning 2010 is second class to construct a teachers space examination result announcement of circumstance elucidation" in saving the personnel examination official site in the center.The explaining contents is:"Each examinee:Is second class in 2010 the examination result for constructing a teachers space slowly didn,t announce, main reason BE:The construction hall occupation qualifications in Shaanxi province registration center didn,t dilimit qualified standard, so the result announcement has been procrastinating up to now.Give examination result now announcement, but the qualified standard isn,t yet certain, please each examinee is understanding.Province personnel in Shaanxi examines center on December 23, 2010".

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Introduce according to the the hospital Pu surgery beam Hong hair is director doctor, the little girl hernia combines to not much see, general boy get the proportion of hernia is about 4-8 times that of girl, the boy takes place hernia, bowel son will along groin slip scrotum, make scrotum swollen greatly, discover very easily, but girl then card at groin, will make abdomen tiny swollen, not easily discover.
Is pediatric hernia influence the baby patient is digestive system, appear the abdomen department to fall to bulge, abdominal distension spirit, stomachache, constipation and absorb bad and easy fatigue of function and physical endowment to descend thus etc. symptom.Also influence normal growth of growing the system.The Shan piece that takes off expert reminds that the hernia doesn,t cure in time, multifarious impact Shan wreath, will arouse ache, and abdominal distension...etc. unwell, result in kid is without cause crying and screaming, but cry and scream the output cough make to press to increase Gao inside the stomach again and aggravate a hernia condition.

Filled surgical operation strong add of muscle leave body creation of the lines is very not smooth and unnatural

South cure big two attach a hospital eastern hospital orthopedics beauty expert is Doctor Chen Gan in the center said, filled surgical operation strong add of muscle leave body creation of the lines is very not smooth and unnatural, lack gifted mechanics the United States.Teenager blindness orthopedics, will give life to leave shadow.Zhang Guo Qiang Xiao is red
(Responsibility editor:Item 劼 )
This year of Wen Wen is so 5 years old, but doesn,t seem to be other kids move, kid is teacher Yuan reflects her personality introverted, have a class attention is not concentrated either.She often shouts to have a stomach recently, and full rice.The mother of worry anxiously brings the Wen Wen to Nanking City in the kid park neighborhood a hospital the check be finally diagnosed the hernia that shuts to lock to not and all cause for the inborn stomach ditch.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ma Tao )
New China net Washington gives or gets an electric shock(reporter the Ran Wei easily love a soldier) American Democratic Party Upper House leader to admire on December 17 inside ·inside virtuous urge on the 17th Upper House by the end of the year American Russia pit disarm the treaty take a ballot

He says:"Influence of the weather variety, humanitarianism crisis and armed clash will turn worse in the world most beggarliness and the distress of the weakest people."
In December, 2003, the United Nations General Assembly adopts resolution and declares since 2004, every year of on December 19 establish be south for United Nations south cooperation the day develop by helping the of developing country to communicate experience and inquire into new cooperation road and become a creative type colleague is relation, start a concrete cooperation plan, soon realization development target.
(Responsibility editor:Ma Tao )
New China net Washington gives or gets an electric shock(reporter the Ran Wei easily love a soldier) American Democratic Party Upper House leader to admire on December 17 inside ·inside virtuous urge on the 17th Upper House by the end of the year American Russia pit disarm the treaty take a ballot.

Exchanges thought harmoniously adjust plan

Pan radicle text says in the middle of addressing, the southern south cooperation is the importance that the world that replies a hunger and poor etc. problem raises Cuo to constitute part.The developing country passes and collects specialized technical ability, exchanges thought harmoniously adjust plan, can obtain much bigger than closing the border and locking a country and being respectively government efficiency.He says that global south south for holding in Geneva develops exposition to express recently, this kind of cooperation can produce very big vitality harmoniously and together function, especially at honourable work, food guarantee, weather variety, health and education etc..
Pan Ji Wen says that the decade after the first time put forward to develop a target for thousand years inside, a lot of nations made breakthrough in the aspects of raising to enter school a rate and lowering children is death rate, increment to acquire the opportunity of sweeping the drinking and strengthening shoulding to malaria and moxa Zi disease and other disease.

Think that Obama concedes to Republican party too many

Didn,t expect this undertaking causes the strong disaffection of parts of Democratic Party congressmen, think that Obama concedes to Republican party too many, immediately they request to key up the death tax tax rate of Republican party persistence and otherwise turn around to boycott, Obama has to launch to canvass to the councilman inside the party again and finally persuade majority to"change sides in war" a councilman and rush through to work out tax reduction bill before Christmas.
(Responsibility editor:Ma Tao )
New China net United Nations gives or gets an electric shock(the reporter attends to shake ball white Jie) December 19 on December 17 is south south cooperation day.The radicle text of U.N. General Secretary Pan on the 17th for Be in remembrance of south south cooperation the day announce to address and highly evaluate "the large developing country is the whole world collectively progress the major contribution of making", and appeal to strengthen further south south cooperation, carry out United Nations to develop a target for thousand years hard, for constuct a more peaceful, prosperity and fair of the world make to largerly contribute.

Finally once covered to the negative effect of the government finance the short-term economic incitement obtains of result

Though Obama is confident,the economic boundary personage warns, will be the United States to add an USD 858,000,000,000 wealth again red for the bill is coming 10 yearses, make already 1.3 U.S. dollar in the United States of the wealth Be red to clime to a new high that have ever had.Take the long view, this undertaking or worsen American obligation condition, finally once covered to the negative effect of the government finance the short-term economic incitement obtains of result.
November middle election after ending, with parliamentarian on the tax reduction problem of haggling and having been occupying Obama is argument matter agenda.At first Obama persistence prolong tax reduction for middle class special, refuse the rich man tax reduction that stands for Republican party dint, both parties once refused to budge not next, but in consideration of Republican party is influence in congress was larger next year, Obama decided compromise and agreed that the civil tax reduction special discount postpones for two years.