Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This kind of to take the Nian Tuo that the carving decorates

The farmer is a social minority community, bearing debt the farmer work wages has already become social confirmed disease.If don,t mold "protection absolute being" for farmer work from the system and the law, unavoidably also appear to look for the strange affair of Duo Duo that"all fairies"s protect, that is the painful people and the pain of country!
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Related video frequency:City Wei pair the secretary take "dismantle chanel purses to move any reaches"
Left diagram:in the small park village, a few dogs still guard is having already moved house of empty yard in, in poor fettlely wait for host coming back.Medium diagram:Wang Cheng Hu say:"has never chanel handbags once seen before I have ever been to many villages, this kind of to take the Nian Tuo that the carving decorates."Right diagram:there are more than ten Jus on this water jar nail.At present, the occupation " Ju Jiang", have already become a history word in a lot of places.

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