Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do these"funny" actions

Really, this kind of does obeisance the way of doing of river god in the public tour place fiesta not satisfactory, has already borrowed to arouse a society concern and facilitate problem-solving motive.But chanel handbags chanel handbags look back farmer work to beg for the way of salary, "jump off a building a show", "jump a tower show", block up a door, block up road and kneel to beg an etc., have bad influence naturally to the social order.But we are this kind of kind of in the disaffection beg for a salary method of at the same time, should even cross-examine more some"why".Begging for the salary can ask for help to relatedly maintain the rights a section, can make an appeal to law, why is the farmer labor union "go for the obtuse", do these"funny" actions?Do they fall overboard for "perform a show"?
The fiesta does obeisance river god, the thou has already had it.The ancient fiesta does obeisance river god in order to beg breeze to adjust rain fluently, that since is to unknown hold in high esteem, also is to a kind of helpless choice of force majeure.The farmer work fiesta does obeisance river god to hope to beg for salary success today, this is to beg for a heart of salary road helpless expression to the farmer work difficulties, and is to power section is not of exquisite irony.

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