Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This reports reporter

The new airplane is in the process of developing in although having already carried on chanel bags a great deal of but perfect theory calculation and various ground is still on trial,have a certain risk while carrying on the first-time flight and high difficulty category to fly.This also requests to try to fly member while meeting an excrescent phenomenon, the ability is accurate to judge and carefully handle in time.Try to fly a member generally to choose from the experienced airplane pilot, aviation college the graduate student and engineering the technical personnel, the beard passes by specialized of strict of training.
Because the work has Gao risk, be placed in over a long period of time high empty and high radiation, big extremities, such as burden and pure oxygen...etc. of try to fly a member to mainly regard male as principle under the environment.This reports reporter, Li Biao,

3 quality achievement 2 times

In 1987 drive Liberation Arm the always political department review for"whole army advanced women", is Communist Party of China tenth time and 13 national congress representativeses.Successively the glory signs No. 2 quality achievement once, No. 3 quality achievement 2 times, aircraft industry head office a wait achievement once.
Try to fly employee to make to have Gao risk
Although from the public data it is can hardly for inside to find out an our country to try the total amount of flying the member,the concerning the hero story that tries to fly a member usually sees the various report carrying.
100 degrees 100 sections suggest that trying to fly a member mainly is to exclusively serve as the airplane pilot whom the airplane flight experiments a task.With the biggest dissimilarity of common airplane pilot BE, the airplane driven by them never someone once flew.Try to fly a member in the middle chanel handbags of trying to fly in addition to pressing to request to safely complete to fly action, also want to explain various flight phenomenon from the theory, accurately report a flight circumstance, put forward chanel handbags to improve a suggestion.

This kind of to take the Nian Tuo that the carving decorates

The farmer is a social minority community, bearing debt the farmer work wages has already become social confirmed disease.If don,t mold "protection absolute being" for farmer work from the system and the law, unavoidably also appear to look for the strange affair of Duo Duo that"all fairies"s protect, that is the painful people and the pain of country!
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(Responsibility editor:Week path 偲 )
Related video frequency:City Wei pair the secretary take "dismantle chanel purses to move any reaches"
Left diagram:in the small park village, a few dogs still guard is having already moved house of empty yard in, in poor fettlely wait for host coming back.Medium diagram:Wang Cheng Hu say:"has never chanel handbags once seen before I have ever been to many villages, this kind of to take the Nian Tuo that the carving decorates."Right diagram:there are more than ten Jus on this water jar nail.At present, the occupation " Ju Jiang", have already become a history word in a lot of places.

Even pay the life price of being born

Bearing debt farmer work wages is already a long time an and involve thousand ten thousand social problems.In 2010, above-mentioned affairs far from individual case.Farmer work segment in Hunan day long encounter violence raid to unfortunately die while begging for to want wages, more chanel bags than 100 farmers work in Hubei begged for a salary in Shaanxi anti- is held by more than 300 men the wood rod beat°up ……farmer work in order to fight for his/her own legal labor income, don,t know to pay how much blood and sweat, even pay the life price of being born.Difficulties of maintain the rights of the road burned each citizen is mind, obviously the disadvantage is social the fair justice at the maintenance.
The business chanel purses enterprise has an obligation to issue wages in time, the related section has a responsibility to make to take charge of normalization.Bear debt farmer work wages multifarious conscience imperfection, law consciousness for presenting to public, highlighting an entrepreneur is weak thin and government the related section enforce the law dint not, protect the law of farmer work rights to lack rigid etc. many problems.There is expert that Be candid in saying:Basic reason BE, under the current law frame, owing salary not only can,t be subjected to punishment even also will be subjected to a benefit because of owing salary.Just because of such, owe salary to just greatly go its teachings, even develop to owe salary is with the degree that the violence deals with to beg for salary farmer work!

Do these"funny" actions

Really, this kind of does obeisance the way of doing of river god in the public tour place fiesta not satisfactory, has already borrowed to arouse a society concern and facilitate problem-solving motive.But chanel handbags chanel handbags look back farmer work to beg for the way of salary, "jump off a building a show", "jump a tower show", block up a door, block up road and kneel to beg an etc., have bad influence naturally to the social order.But we are this kind of kind of in the disaffection beg for a salary method of at the same time, should even cross-examine more some"why".Begging for the salary can ask for help to relatedly maintain the rights a section, can make an appeal to law, why is the farmer labor union "go for the obtuse", do these"funny" actions?Do they fall overboard for "perform a show"?
The fiesta does obeisance river god, the thou has already had it.The ancient fiesta does obeisance river god in order to beg breeze to adjust rain fluently, that since is to unknown hold in high esteem, also is to a kind of helpless choice of force majeure.The farmer work fiesta does obeisance river god to hope to beg for salary success today, this is to beg for a heart of salary road helpless expression to the farmer work difficulties, and is to power section is not of exquisite irony.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Construction that is an information-based system

Wu Yu Liang points out that go bad a becoming of phenomenon because of is complicated, anti- corrupt history progress in all countries and system of the set waits also because the state of the nation is different, the way of doing doesn,t exert a homology as well.
"I want to be a little bit explanatory here BE, the system construction is a system engineering, there is objective progress.A system set wants to want to can be carried out, make it after, don,t walk form, must have a series of integration.We feel that the demand is fortified now, construction that is a social reputation system, construction that is an information-based system."He says.
(Responsibility editor:Li Meng Yi)
New China net Chuang in the stone house gives or gets an electric shock(reporter, Zhang Tao , ) new superhighway in the city on December 29 two expect the 29th to be open to traffic, it will set up the high-speed passage of another Peking and Zhang Jia Kou is and hide a superhighway car to flow to the reposition of redundant personnel city, the perfect northwest goes to the capital of the network structure have realistic meaning.

Is an effective system

Wu Yu Liang said that party and government have been chasing system construction as an anti- corrupt foundation work.Property is declaring is many systems that the nations have been already practiced, is an effective system, China has been embracing as well to actively push forward of attitude.
"For example I just mentioned we at 《 Cheng cures and prevents from going bad system constucting to program for 2008-2012 years 》in declared system to the property to carry on research and argument as a task to lift out.We promulgate this year of re- revise of concerning leadership the staff report an individual concerning the item rules in, and then report personal income of staffs of leadership, include house property and invest circumstance and spouse is sons and daughters are important rules to lift out from the circumstances like industry,etc."Wu Yu Liang says that" all of these is in the process of pushing forward property to declare system in of actual operation step."