Thursday, December 30, 2010

Set up at two

Currently, the whole city registers registered medical orthopedics beauty organization to totally have 162, among them specialty hospital and out-patient department and clinic 106, set up at two, x-rated comprehensive medical beauty section room of the medical organization is 56.Mao Yu emphasizes that then only these organizations can develop to pull double eyelid, nose augumentation breast enhancements, and liposuction...etc. to contain wound cosmetic surgery.And, medical beauty organization is BE distributed 《the medical organization keeps an industry permit 》 by the health section and take charge of, but live beauty organization is issued 《the industry and business business license 》 by the industry and business section and take charge of.Therefore, life beauty organization strictly forbids to develop medical beauty item.

Village two Weis change in 2008 and retire Xiao the book is positive

According to the introduction, village two Weis change in 2008 and retire Xiao the book is positive, pushed the village Wei meeting director is position by the villager for 3 years, at that time Zhang noodles in the village surplus amount is 835 dollars, and fell into debt 36,000,000 dollars."The village in our city wants to eat rice of the second industry and spends money of the third industry."Xiao book after being taking a post, lord dozen building card.After 3 years, man happy village collective income from take to turn just, from weak become strong.Face 50,000,000 dollars remaining to save, the Xiao book is moving away a policy, give red envelopes for 1348 the village losing a ground of villager in the volume.
(Responsibility editor:Yellow sea)
This report Xun(reporter, Wang Hui, ) bureau public health in Peking City pair bureau chief hair feather meant yesterday, beauty industry was divided into medical beauty and life beauty two major types, what the latter developed was skin nursing, and disguise modifier...etc. don,t create beauty item and strictly forbid the facial plastic surgery of developing complications.

000 dollars

(Responsibility editor:Liu Xiao is quiet)
Cai Dian Qu is man happy village village Wei meeting
Take 14,000,000 to the villager give red envelopes
This report Xun(correspondent Gao Chi Chen Bin reporter, Gao Dao Fei, of country) a very small village Wei will, after paying a tax 8,000,000 dollars, also have 50,000,000 dollars pure income, yesterday, Cai Dian Qu is Cai Dian Jie is man enjoyed box money whom the village moved away 14,000,000 dollars and delivered for his villager deep red pack of.
"Xiao water unites as one three people in the house, 70,000 dollars."Village Wei meeting director the Xiao book is in the on the stage this red envelope amount of money, under the set of the villager think that reporting is wrong.Can Xiao water match after a little bit pure over money counts, everyone is happy hard put is good.

And cabled T

1500 dollars of the manufacturing industry tallest monthly salary
The Buddha mountain that convenes in July, this year two will up, to Mr. the party Buddha Wei in the mountain City will member of committee Luo jade wave and summer the tree hair associately pose 《concerning solution the Buddha labor force in the mountain City run short the suggestion of problem 》 and mention in the 《suggestion 》 , the Buddha mountainous country area processes to make the business enterprise gives common worker of the basic salary be or so for monthly 700 dollars, if calculate last weekend peaceful of overtime pay, the income of the every month about 1200~1500 dollars was or so.But in the aspects of expending, they the housing rental monthly is 260 dollars, if calculating last water, electricity, coal gas, hygiene, and cabled T.V....etc. various expenses and needing 320 dollars around is or so, in addition have a meal, shopping, go by car and etc. expenditure to need 500 dollars around or so, therefore the expenditure in every month not under 1000 dollars, calculate down like this, common worker a month at most also only 400~500 dollars or so surplus.Comparison but speech, the Buddha labor force in the mountain City runs short of the root reason lie in a wage rate lowly.Being not a business enterprise would not like to raise salary for employee, but the Buddha mountain City processes the low level that the manufacturing industry is placed in a value chain.

Can concretely raise what level

Introduce according to some electronics factory personnel department manager Xu of Buddha mountain, recruit work difficult is a profession problem, their factory is used work indentation always very big, invite peak season to want to recruit into 200~300 people every day, but still can not meet the demands.An arrive year-end company will think to the utmost the way stays a person, this year after Chinese New Year raise wages is inevitable, can concretely raise what level, wait company inner part after investigating a result come out just can decide.
Follow virtuous some cardboard box factory Ms. Zou to tell a reporter, their factory of foreign work every year year of personnel behind can return of have to 70%, these two years, the proportion has to descend, the worker has been tightly lacking, but forces maintenance after the year, if arrived to produce peak season, can the high wages recruits a person at the time.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

They are very intelligent

"I think of those children very much, they are very intelligent."Wen Jia Bao to just in Cuo say, " teacher, I hope sometimes goes to a jade tree again and listens to the children singing for me and thanking you again."
The Wen Chuan earthquake in Sichuan weighs the eastern river mouth village of green Chuan county in disaster area wide dollar City very much, was Wen Jia Bao to once investigate the place that extent of disaster and instruction resumed a reconstruction.
The east river mouth village village pays a book king is all becoming is the first audience that connects into radio station to broadcast live and premier to have a conversation exchanges.A that he answered in detail that Wen Jia Bao puts forward concerning the village inside instauration reconstruction, crowd lives of concrete question, including housing number, subsidize a proportion, lend money interest and kind vegetables pig-raising, smoked make a cured pork.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The article points out that drawing up livings all education budget standard and is advantageous to promoting education equity

(Responsibility editor:Zhao Ting)
Won a new net to give or get an electric shock Ministry of Education to release perfect education devotion mechanism recently on December 25, raised the experimental unit region and school of education guarantee level.The Ministry of Education official site publishes education consultative committee in nation today member of committee, 93 learn the article 《quickly establishment living all budget standard, push higher education health development 》 of the Shao Hong of central vice- chairman of agency.The article points out that drawing up livings all education budget standard and is advantageous to promoting education equity, is also advantageous to reforming an education administration management method and helps the education administration to manage the promoting of Lian government construction and management level of section.

Push forward science and technology

Liu Qi points out that Peking wants to develop to consume so much, the investment use to the pulling of economic growth action, will cultivate the new consumption heat orders and specially want to strongly develop health, retire to enjoy life a newly arisen life type of etc. service industry, push forward science and technology, education, culture, hygiene and athletics business and related service industry development;Also want reasonable to adjust an income allotment relation, put forth effort to raise the city country residents, income, wait income community in the extension.
On top of that, Peking wants to gradually change a real estate investment specific weight to lead a high phenomenon, the enlargement guarantee housing waits the investment of important people is livelihood realm and concentrate strength speed transportation infrastructure construction, make to alleviate to hug an engineering, orbit inside the downtown to encrypt, underground transportation trunk highway etc. key item early begin to work and early take effect.Over

000 and turned over than 2005 some kind of

2006-2010 years"15" program a period, economic total amount in Peking crosses over a dollar Reminbi toll-gate and increases to°from 697,000,000,000 dollars 1.3 dollars.All person total output value in the region breaks USD 10,000, the big body compared USD 5600 in"15" last phases 2005 to turn over some kind of.The social consumer goods retails a sum to break CNY 600,000,000,000 and turned over than 2005 some kind of, led off to form to consume to pull moved economy in the Chinese hinterland city.
City Wei secretary Liu Qi emphasize in the meeting summary in morning today:Peking is most important work quickly changes an economy development method in 2011."This is a deep change of economic realm, one to take it by storm a war, and is a protracted warfare.We wait not rise, slowly not get".

The guarantee housing scale extension etc

Same head in this year 11 months in, Peking sells a new car 750,000, increase 21%.But Peking coming into force from December 24 manages transportation to hug a project rules, 2011, in Peking can issue 240,000 license plates, this means that next year is new car sale quantity in Peking will down 70%.There is expert that anticipate, the half car dealer may be forced to close the door to bowl out.
In being and half days, city economic working conference, mayoral〃 Guo Jin Long says, car in Peking next year consume a policy adjustment, real estate market to adjust to control etc., will bring certain influence towards consuming growth.But Peking is a large city especially, cultivate to consume a little bit hot, promote to consume an upgrade potential is huge, also having residents the income is steady to increase, the guarantee housing scale extension etc. beneficial condition, Peking next year still want to carry out the social consumer goods retail price sum to increase 10% hard or so.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Next year BE"25" of open the year of bureau

Say in Li Yi, the next year(2011) industry development faces economy recovery progress in the world slow-moving, Reminbi appreciation pressure enlargement, and industrial article factory price and fuel, power, original the material buy into price to increase etc. is at home and abroad complicated situation.Work is believing will speed change to develop a way for a next year and raise the quality and efficiency of industrial economic growth, completion next year scale the above industry increase value to increase 11% targets.
In Li Yi:Is total of come to see, these index sign speed to speak than this year and put slowly some, even want to pay attention to the change of the development method and the adjustment of the structure next year.
Say in Li Yi, next year BE"25" of open the year of bureau, devote efforts to technique reformation, independence innovation, economy energy reduce a row, eliminate to fall behind, annex reorganization etc. work.

Anticipate a whole year of scale above industry is increasing value together will attain 15% than the growth or so

Take off to weave from December of 《the Yang sub- evening newspaper 》 25 Japanese|Fan Zi Jun
Author:Fan Zi Jun(source:The Xinhua news agency)
(Responsibility editor:Huang Shan)
Medium wide net Peking the news(reporter is clearly) report according to voice 《news and newspaper summary 》 of China on December 26, this year(2010) our country the industry economy keep steady to develop a little bit quickly, anticipate a whole year of scale above industry is increasing value together will attain 15% than the growth or so.Yesterday(on the 25th) noon, quit office ex- work letter department minister Li Yi in said to the reporter, next year our country industry growth the target have already made sure to 11%.
This year, our country the industry economy kept a good development power head, business enterprise profits significantly increase, anticipating a whole year the scale is above industry increasing value is together orer so than increasing 15%.

Min pond county the pair county magistrate Wei of people government protect a dollar to face a survey set and not only have no an ego critique

Reality in have how many officials have Nu to scold his/her own self-reproach courage and breadth of mind?Perhaps want to beat a not small question mark.After 12 huge source mineral difficult occurrences in beginning of the month Henan, Min pond county the pair county magistrate Wei of people government protect a dollar to face a survey set and not only have no an ego critique, self-examination idea, contrary not tired of carry on "give public recognition by one is own", expose responsibility consciousness and take the serious imperfection of consciousness.
The party member staff especially leads a staff and truely attain the responsibility walks with the job, the heart walk with the responsibility and truely be responsible for the people and want to depend the political consciousness of oneself first, but only this and no more obviously not enough, to those meet responsibility to outside push of officials, more beard exertion asks the power of responsibility mechanism and seriously pursues.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Property over 1

"I am rich, this I pay."Tan Hua takes out purse.Wu Si immediately obstructs with friend and robs to pay a bill.
When reporter saw Tan Hua yesterday afternoon, he sat upright always foolish sidewalk at these several days up, stared at the window sill of girl friend is house.He wears a large diamond ring, the baggage is to bear a gram to lift a pack, the feet wear vogue casual shoes ……this body foppery, let how people also think impassability, he will keep on to pass night in the street for 5 days.
And reporter is confabulation, he claimed to be once to open factory in Guangzhou, property over 1,000,000.Of so pass night in the street continuously for 5 days, be want to clear up a matter:She speaks like together living, is what say not to play or not.
The girl friend once came to see one noodles

Be want to make a pure matter

It is a mental illness to never think that he is a mendicant, don,t misunderstand him as well.He is Tan Hua, 35 years old, province often virtuous city person of Hunan, claimed to be once to open factory in Guangzhou, the property was more than 1,000,000 dollars.
In "Anne is camp ties Zhai" in the foreign land street, he for the sake of what?Originally, highway opposite 3rd floor window sill that, lived to once promise with the girl friend whom she gets married.He comes to this of purpose, be want to make a pure matter:"She speaks like together living, is what say not to play or not."
He wears to betroth a diamond ring
But choose to pass night in the street
Yesterday noon, at local management owner, Wu Si, and two friendses of the aluminum metal alloy, regardless of Tan Hua refused and pushed and pulled to"please" him into a restaurant."You don,t have a meal again to be famished."Seat, Wu Si continuously clips vegetables for Tan Hua.Though was hungry for 5 days, Tan Hua didn,t eat voraciously:Courtesy ground accompanied Wu Si to have point rice, he let go of chopsticks not to eat.

For 5 days

(Responsibility editor:Ma Tao )
Tan Hua has been staying and waiting the down stairs in front at girl friend is house, think etc. parlance.
Tan Hua the hand up still take with diamond ring for girl friend to betroth up to now
Man in Hunan claims to be wedding days all settle good, but girl friend in Chongqing wants to break up
He doesn,t eat not to drink not to fear to rain snow"Anne is camp firm Zhai" is outside window in girl friend is house 5 day and night
Don,t she returns money, don,t miss she follow me
But must give a parlance
Yesterday, the Qi river is county always new street in the town side sidewalk.For 5 days, the nobody sees he once leave at first-daytime, he looked up at a highway like sentinel of the window sill of opposite third floors, don,t talk very much, also not food and drink.At the mid-night, free to and rain or float snow, he seat ground but sleep, be the bed to the icy cold cement, make Zhen with the personal luggage.

How start to build up a set of mental intervention mechanism at village school

Zhao Hong Mei said that in the affairs, Wang Tian was subjected to serious incitement affairs first and left mental wound.Affairs just the this period of time after the occurrence inside, it is the emotion of the most to fear, self-reproach, the shame was also universal to exist.This kind of deeply cover up in mind pain and sufferings, is an underground volcano that will break out at any time, arouse from the wound or the suicide.This has an obvious embodiment on the sweet body, can the parent and teacher just again and again cross-examine a kid to close and from harm of reason, didn,t calm down to walk into deep place of the kid is heart.
"Because the shortage of village level of education, the parent usually can,t communicate with kid, this reality can not change currently, but the village school don,t aim at student the system of mental state guidance, the student is in need of to ask for help path after running into the crisis, how start to build up a set of mental intervention mechanism at village school, this is the problem that a Ji treats to educate section solution."Zhao Hong Mei says.(Reporter Du one space Wang Wei Hao text Hong wave diagram)(source:The big river reports)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Still I go to

the dynasty as officer, then step by step climb to come up, just have today is day, otherwise they what all be not, how may have a baby like this.The segment day goes instauration to come over.Way:"Loving the Qing whether wants to make me deliver an imperial enactment, the Zhao tells world, the help looks for a medicine to lead son."Permit good Yu one face is sad, way:"BE, only so, one of my daughter just can,t die, I didn,t want to send the black hair the nfl jerseys person at the grey hair person."Say and cry, that is sad, Ze Ze, Liu Ying Di sees arrive all want to concede defeat willingly.Segment way in the day line:"There is Lao prime minister, this household chores that originally was me, how didn,t the past say, I also really issue imperial edict a book earlier.Now when hall next."Finish saying to be about to start to write to write."Is slow!"See a segment a line be opening a pen for day, the segment fame hurriedly stands to start, way:"Fatty water doesn,t stay an outsider farmland, besides prime minister says that that is dangerous ground of, the other people can don,t necessarily go, still I go to, my fix to this world to may also go."But in the mind be not think like this of, permit an imperial concubine to usually meet of if have what secret disease, have already been discovered by him, also waited until now, after all and China nfl jerseys of Chinese medicine, hope, smell, ask, slice, isn,t a leave to chase a type.If occupy, he is a to have already seen out, think

"His majesty

reduce a work for you."The maid-in-waiting ordered to nod, way:"Thank prince Ye to make allowance for us.We serve you, is as it should be."The segment fame walks to the maid-in-waiting nearby and put on the clothes of maid-in-waiting preparation, way:"Ha ha, pretty can person of, add your wages, do well, mix with me quasi- right."Finish saying to roar with laughter, slowly came Authentic NFL Jerseys out an eastern temple.The last dynasty is still similar of and waited to go in for a while in the big palace doorway, after some procedures after, and then have no a big minister to move origin, be backing the time of dynasty, permitting good Yu to come out in the segment day line.He holds a box, accepting a treasure thing, that box.Permit good Yu to walk to the big palace in the center, way:"His majesty, old minister is hasing intention to see private affairs to report , not, can be regarded as national affairs, concerning permit an imperial concubine empress."The segment day goes big strange, way:"Is quasi- to move, you and the way come."Permit good Yu slowly, way:"Permit an imperial concubine in childhood there is a kind of disease, offered sacrifices to say live however 25, see more and more near, the old minister was anxious, old minister such a daughter, permitted an imperial concubine 7 years old met that year a bitterness fixed, he said as long as find out a medicine led son, can save to cure to permit an imperial concubine, but medicine is leading the place of son really is too dangerous, no man dares to go.Several decades, have been having no letter, I went ahead regardless today, this was my inherited in the family extremely valued, as long as who can find out this medicine to lead son for me, I give that person it."One face is sad.Return be really act in a play.Copy an emperor only so-so.Say, permit the good Yu opened box, once the box open and illuminated the whole big palace, the segment fame saw that box, it is surprise to exert in the eye, this isn,t oneself teacher absolute being Jue in mention of eye in the sky.That cosmos was just also only four, plused this 5, represented five lines of strength before.Be regarded as dilution jewelry, as long as who can blend, these five day eyes, can do to punish for the thunder of eye!Can control the rule of thunder!Certainly this is just a general knowledge of clear soldier, is to isn,t true, also the nobody begs a certificate to lead, no man understands, up to now those days of eyes still at those people eyebrow.The text chapter 43:Accept a task(beg to collect, recommend)The person in the big palace is also all very silly, looking at that night bright pearl similar bead son, although the bead son doesn,t know grade,send out of ray of light but isn,t a general baby to send out come of, everyone is a nobility, the baby sees many, this still keeps knowing goods.Surprised life time extremely valued!!Unexpectedly permit a house to still really there is a bottom, public nfl jerseys all is think like this, but the segment fame doesn,t think like this.Permit a past but destitute to be from, is still that their ancestry be favored by the emperor, break rules

That is the best

the garden, although the step of Ling Po Wei depend true spirit of, toughens for a while, masterly order hereafter use, for the nfl jerseys agreeable point, the every variety fighting skill pays attention to of is all practice, well-trained, that is the best.China Wu Xue, why so many falsely recruit, that all for actually recruiting to do mat to spread.Why practice to falsely recruit, that be because is actually recruiting the circumstance that hasn,t readied to under defend a body.Actually recruit is an incomparable skill, can not always use.Use up a next in importance wait then and can go around for a little times, this is like that technical ability.Ling Po Wei treads no exception, every 10 have nine is falsely of, but Rao is such, this is lightly still the most severe achievement, this combines a yin and yang gossip, nine temples it learn of light achievement certainly is the best.Falsely tread is also fierce, isn,t those nine flow light function enough comparative of, after all this is a clear soldier to reform in person of light achievement.Segment clear soldier is who, absolute being boundary big guy!Ability not cow??"Prince Ye, should ascend dynasty." When the segment fame does exercises in gymnastics, a maid-in-waiting comes forward, way:"Do not go again, mistake hour, the his majesty will blame by that time."The segment fame slowly accepts an achievement and orders, way:"Shining on is usually similar, don,t the temple take and wore sorcery tunic to go and also

Monday, December 20, 2010

Can later on body one earthquake

thus clear that arrive enemies to all know a bearer, he this just realizes it is not in the right.There is no superfluous useless talk, Tang Yin directly brings up remaining of the saddle still, harsh voice drink a way:"Withdraw all of your persons to open, immediately put them!""Break wind!"For head rather official ranks not high, incognizant remaining still, also not know that he is three princes, listen to Tang Yin talk big, the nose almost annoys slanting, the side head drinks a way:"Give° him me to round!""Wait for a second!"The person talking isn,t Tang Yin, but the Yuan Kui that catches up later on.That rather cans know Yuan Kui incognizant remaining still, a see the immediate superior come and quickly turn over a body to dismount, the Gong body salutes a way:"Yuan general, you ……how did you come?"The Yuan Kui didn,t manage him and raised eyes to conjecture battlefield, on the ground horizontal seven Shus eight lie up to 100 corpses, among them, all of the great majority are rather nfl jerseys persons, obviously the F square has already eaten big Kui here.See the facial expression of Yuan Kui colder and colder, that rather dark dozen Cold War, hurriedly say:"The Yuan general has already worked properly a force superior among the enemy, we although the death and harm is miserably heavy,the death and harm has already besieged they ……"Don,t wait he to finish saying words, the Yuan Kui interrupts a way:"Put them to walk!""Is ……"Rather is a the promising of instinct, can later on body one earthquake, all over the face surprise, and is Authentic NFL Jerseys hard to believe a ground of stammer way:"Put ……put them to walk?Yuan general, they ……they are breezes person, is an enemy!""I know that need not you are at my many words!"The Yuan Kui reprimands angrily to a , then see toward Tang Yin, put own soft tone as far as possible, say:"Tang ……general, I can put your person entirely, but only a condition, leave the hostage in the your hand."Tang Yin is cool on smiling, say:"Will you put us to walk if I return him to you?""Certainly!""However I don,t believe you.""How do you believe.""Must wait my safety to return to a Tong door.""You ……do you want to take the his highness to the Tong door?""That is right!""This ……infatuated crazy idea.""You not believe me, I also not believe you, if always keep on refusing to budge like this, I can promise, the first person of dead must be him!"Tang Yin sneered at Ning the cheek of Ning remaining still

Oneself seems some abilities that underrate a true self-preservation of Chiu too much

long, knife body breadth but thin, one noodles is Feng blade, one noodles in order to pour Chi, the weapon of this kind of strange form is knowing on seeing is a soldier it work properly to turn behind of work properly weapon.Can complete to work properly Kai to turn at the same time and soldier it work properly to turn, dance Mei of the spiritual influence fix for come to a to work properly to turn state at least.Is a bit surprised in Tang Yin Xin, really surprisingly this born Mei bone the temperament again debauchery doesn,t stick to of the dance spoilt daughter of a rich family is unexpectedly a spiritual influence to fix for profoundly work properly Wu Zhe.With dance Mei shoulder to shoulder but a black fighting work properly the war of Kai will, together could not see face, but icy double of eyes show Tang Yin Yi and then know is dance an English.Like a rightness of badly uncommon sisters, seeing can become the Hao door of breeze country to dancing a house expensive, don,t is a wave to get hollow reputation as well.Tang Yin didn,t immediately talk, the vision once swept 2 people from sister in dance house and conjectured other breeze soldier is breezes will, want that finding out Chiu whom he worries most from it is true, sees see none a Chiu true figure as a result.Just at his entertain foolish ideas Chiu wasn,t fighting indiscriminately to take place accident, extruded a cerebellum bag from the breeze soldier is crowd, the thief slipped away of eyes saw after Tang Yin, immediately peeped out the color of in raptures on the face and yelled a way:"Eldest brother Tang, you ……did not you die?!"Tang Yin settles once the Jing see and talk of this isn,t the side person, is exactly that Chiu is true.See he O.K. carry of on the hoof, connect to order to harm to all have no on the body, the Tang Yin icy facial expression finally had variety, corner of mouth Authentic NFL Jerseys naturally to uped Yang.Laugh behind one is back in his heart, oneself seems some abilities that underrate a true self-preservation of Chiu too much."Are you who?"Don,t wait Tang Yin to talk, a ride black war horse of rather will by hand win steel sword to order his nose Nu voice to drink to ask.Tang Yin wears to rather pack, that rather will originally think that he is his own person, it is

T wait Tang Yin to scrutinize

it!"This shouts to drink, like deep-fried thunder in the flat ground, let originally confusion the unbearable and horrifying battlefield of abnormality in a twinkling pipe down.Don,t wait Tang Yin to scrutinize, someone exclaimed a way in the crowd:"Tang Yin!"Tang Yin looks for reputation to go, the war that sees a gold Kui gold Kai will just looking at him with a pair of watery big eyes, this war whole body all drive gold Kai the cover live and as well take an aureate mask on the face, stays a pair of eyes in the outside, although the shape that cans not sees clearly the other party, pass this eyes, Tang Yin still judges one this person is who.Can own the person of such seductive eyes to combine not much after all.Dance Mei!She is originally dressed in of is the black Kui of the breeze country black A, but at this time gold AN on the body then she releases by herself of work properly Kai.Fix to work properly to release the spiritual influence of oneself in in addition to body, and condense solid of battle armor, this be,work properly Authentic NFL Jerseys Kai to turn,.As for the color that works properly Kai, according to releasing the attribute of oneself but settle.The person is attribute contains 5 kinds, is gold, wood and water, fire and soil respectively, work properly the color of Kai also to the order of gold, white and blue, red and black 5 kindses.,Work properly Kai to turn,is the foundation technical ability that fixs to work properly, ratio isoldier it work properly to turn,want easily and get much, even if is the entry-level that fixs to work properly,can release part to work properly Kai to turn or the half work properly Kai to turn, but want an elephant dance the Mei like this complete work properly Kai to turn and want all over the long time maintains in the combat of, then need higher spiritual influence to fix for.Tang Yin is vision moves beside and see dance a Mei hand to hold a transform of war knife, the war knife foot has four Chinese foots

Far and far hope to go

which?"Tang Yin says:"Seek dance Mei, there is no their help, depends our ten several people, perhaps also the very difficult time got a Tong door.""Dance general?"Zhang Bao suspiciously says:"Dancing the general that direction should have already worn to pass card!""Not definitely!"Tang Yin Liu once knows a person, the ear dint was the strongest, canned ambiguously heard the putting together of distance kill a voice, but Zhang Bao what didn,t hear.Their 16 people, 30 war horses, drives fast to the south of toll-gate.Yuan Kui is waiting a person is as well to don,t give up not to leave and close on the heels of afterward.About ran about wildly for around ten minuteses, again visit nfl jerseys front rather inside the country toll-gate, the dust floats in the sky, glint and flash of cold steel, shout to kill an earthquake for sky, under way a terrific fight of vehemence.Far and far hope to go, often can see fresh and red blood fog jetting in out of the sky.Tang Yin sees, is quickly also a horse soon, with all strength front blunt.Time isn,t long, he approaches an edge for battlefield, Lei tight Ma Jiang, drink Gao 1:"Is all away with

See the other party still just poor and don

dark to sigh tone, now can be walk one step to see one-step!He waves hand to shout a way:"Put them to pass."The military order cannot be disobeyed pours.Because one of Yuan Kui makes next, surroundings huge crowd of rather the country food for powder elephant tidewater generally yield toward both sides, let a two meters see wide passage.Tang Yin doesn,t hestitate, opponent bottom the person jilt a way:"Walk!"Enough to spare still this trump card is in the hand, Tang Yin et al without obstructionly comes out a ring of encirclement, toward the front door plan for closing the horse rush quickly.Remaining still still just the hand of the other party in, Yuan Kui which dare put so to run them, lead under charge one stem soldier will, also quickly made track for to go out.Now, Tang Yin waits ten several people ahead, the Yuan Kui waits several thousand rather soldier rather will at after, both parties, keeps ten several distances of rices.Toll-gate, see the other party still just poor and don,t give up, Tang Yin Yi pulls to fight bridle horse and stopped down and turned head to loudly shout to drink a way:"You all stop, not are making track for again!""You put his highness first!"The Yuan Kui message of reply way."It is impossible."What Tang Yin refused is simply."That I am also impossible and then can be left by you like this!"The Yuan Kui Ning voice says.Tang Yin Shuang is eyes tiny Mi, to the vision of last Yuan Kui, in the eyes of the other party, he saw Yuan Kui determinedly, he knows that this should be the bottom line of the other party.He is cutting and polishing how to ambiguously heard at the time that the other party flung off to south in the ear round to spread to shout to kill a voice, because of being apart from too far, listen to of isn,t very realistic.He wrinkles up eyebrows, also someone at hard rush rather a country of toll-gate?Contemplate a short moment, he just suddenly think of to dance Mei and dance English a many.See, even if oneself drew on rather the person is main force, dance Mei that part of the progress is not very smooth either.Tang Yin originally intends to go straight to a Tong door to the east, but he changed idea and hurtled Zhang Bao to wait person to receive 1, followed rather the toll-gate of country and sped to the south now.Zhang Bao sees the form doing not understand, quickly Authentic NFL Jerseys catching up Tang Yin and asking a way:"Eldest brother Tang, don,t we want to return to Tong door?Now this is go to

Thursday, December 2, 2010

He says to the star evil spirit

again."Say, she walked into own room."The star is beautiful, your elder sister needs calm down with me, tonight you and fix Luo to take a rest in the guest room nfl jerseys together."The star at this time clearly already the mental exertion Be getting more distressed, he after finishing saying this sentence walks to return to own room very exhaustedly.Fix Luo at this time, just lackadaisical of looking at the direction of star evil spirit room, after considering, he still decided not to disturb a star evil spirit.Stand star the United States in fixing Luo side is a bit embarrassed, she tooks a look to fix Luo, thought of tonight incredibly want with him together building, the face is tinily red, then say towards fixing Luo:"I help you the bedding for preparing to use in the evening."Finish saying, she then lowered the head to go away.This night, 4 people of this under the eaves, has no a person to sleep safely.Fix Luo and certainly is worrying about the affair of star evil spirit.The star evil spirit is weeping over for own destiny, the star sank into clearly profound selfreproach, as for star beautiful Yao, she has been making great effort at with fix Luo to take words, but the answer that fixs Luo make her can not mount words, does she still band together now.Second sky noon."Star evil spirit, the person of stars elder house came to pick you up, after, they will be responsible for sending you to the emperors all."The star says to the star evil spirit clearly.He of so is so quick and then want to send to walk a star evil spirit, is an afraid star evil spirit to change idea within these two days.When the star evil spirit prepares to leave, fixed Luo to appear, he says to the star evil spirit:"Star evil spirit, I does some matters wanting to say with you , before you leave, can chat a short while alone?"The star evil spirit ordered to nod and said towards fixing Luo:"Let is go out to seek a place to chat?"See own daughter and born mishap, star clearly unbearable call a "star evil spirit."When his words haven,t kept on continuing, the star evil spirit says:"I know of father."Later on, fixed Luo to take the star evil spirit to a quiet corner, ask the star evil spirit the way:"Did you prepare to accept this wedding?""Although don,t think, I really have no way to resist, can the strange destiny plays tricks."The star evil spirit says.Fix Luo finally after being quiet a short while drum foot the courage say:"Star evil spirit, I like

And go toward a front door a station

clearly:"You go to which?""Need not you take care of."The star evil spirit answer way."Stop."The star pulls clearly big the voice call way, and go toward a front door a station."I have no toward your father like this, I want to leave this."The star evil spirit towards a station to say clearly in the star of doorway.The star is clear although blocked going to of star evil spirit road,is after all own father, the star evil spirit didn,t do a radical action."You not the strategic area move good?Star evil spirit."Then, the star turns again clearly the head says towards fixing Luo, " fixs Luo, ashamed, show you this kind of condition, can let I and my daughter talk a short while alone."The star evil spirit excites later on and a little bit calmed down at 1:00, canned be pulled by father and entered star clear room.In the hall left at this time the star is beautiful and fix 2 Luos, star the United States embarrassedly towarded to fix Luo to smile to smile, then said:"I go to and pour glass water for you.""Thank."Fix a Luo answer way.Inside the building.The star says to the star evil spirit clearly:"Star evil spirit, I know you to my disaffection, because I from you the pimping time starts, like to say to you this says that and lets you does and have never considered your viewpoint according to my meaning, in these two years, I like to examine yourself for a while, I admit, I am really wrong, but I hope that you don,t blame and scold a father, father of so become so, is because I allowed your mother and did the affair that she wants to do in those early years, finally I can toward her, the icy corpse repents the past Mo and, so, I don,t hope, at my daughter body up, I commit a same mistake, but, your sister twos were all it happened that to inherit your mother of obstinate personality, so, I always with you since the conflict.In fact the wedding this time, my inception is also don,t promise, because I have already anticipated you will be to so respond, but you also know, this kind of political marriage, be like us this kind of person who divides inheritance, the leeway don,t resist at all, if you leave like this, I and your younger sister will be definitely dropped by sacrifice in the star house to quell the fury of royal house.So this time, father can with you say sorry."The destiny plays joke on a chapter 76 departure"Why cheap nfl jerseys will become so, why I will be sacrificed."The star evil spirit Yan noodles weeps aloud.The star walks clearly to the in front of star evil spirit, suddenly knelt down for own daughter, say:"Is that the father is incapable, it make you have to be subjected to an injustice like this.The father compensated offense for you."See own father kneel at own in front, the star evil spirit quickly comes forward and hand a star clear, say:"The father doesn,t want so."Led in a short while, see oneself is daughter is emotion stabilize 1:00, after no longer weeping over, the star says to the star evil spirit clearly:"Especially the Luo Er is the Jiao Jiao of the young generation, the object of marriage is him, be regarded as misery in of Be getting more unusually lucky, feelings this thing can slowly develop, besides you now didn,t°yet adoring object.""I knew a father, let my a person thoroughly calmed down again can?"Xing Mei says to leave the father is room.After coming out room, see fix Luo to walk to come over, she says:"I think one personal rest a short while, you also take a rest, we late order to chat

"The star evil spirit unusually and happily looking at to fix Luo to ask a way

worry."The star says clearly."I was no longer a child, I would take care of good myself.As for natural endowments, fix Luo not necessarily so good than me, but he was already the core of our team now."Star evil spirit and father issue way."Calculate, very not easy you came back, we still didn,t contend for."The star after hesitating clearly the bottom continues to say, " has an affair I how don,t know to say with you as well, but, this matter will make you knowing sooner or later of, that be, stars elder and Sa Luo Si adult after company after measuring, decide to allow your supply absolute being nfl jerseys Luo?Especially Luo Er."This news is absolutely a bolt from the blue to star evil spirit, her dreaming don,t also thought of, ownly and the whole life important event incredibly so be settled next, became political marriage, she the one punch shot is ground the table of in front, roar loud a way to her father:"Originally you urgently wear to seek me for these two years, be for the sake of this affair, this matter I absolutely can,t promise."Say the star evil spirit ran teahouse, in the road returned to, she more wants to more discommode, the tears keeps to downwards flow, and at this time, let her also feel very strange by herself BE, she want to hurry to find out to fix Luo, then speak the injustice in his own heart to him.After listenning to a relating of star evil spirit, fixed Luo to embrace the hand of star evil spirit tight a tight, then he profoundly absorbed an one breath and shut eyes, was what things like thinking."Fix Luo, I come back of road up once think, the marry me is to say what don,t knot as well of, rather we leave now, before being like segment the day is similar, continue we of mercenary soldier career, wander about everywhere."Later on, the star evil spirit lowers the head, the voice says very lightly, " is to don,t know Authentic NFL Jerseys that you wish would not like to, after all you just just established your own new life target."At this time, fixed Luo to open his double eye, say to the star evil spirit very confidently:"H,m, I will keep you company and go to any place that you want.""Really?"The star evil spirit unusually and happily looking at to fix Luo to ask a way."H,m, certainly true."Fix a Luo answer way."That good, we walk now."Say, the star evil spirit pulls to fix Luo to outside walk to the door.See the daughter pull to fix Luo is from cheap nfl jerseys the house in come out, and went straight to one outside after, the star loudly asks a way

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why can those bad persons do as pleases

beat in the past, Ling Tian basically had no reaction, Ling Tian also had never thought the other party to said dozen and then beat, oneself is milli impromptu, but the other party had have since then, victory MLB Jerseys or defeat a recruited and then made firm decision.One punch, just just one punch, big fellow one punch Ling Tian is from the beard beat in a beard with together most in, such it is thus clear that the strong strength of the big fellow, in fact and just the big fellow fears most of is the youth runs to go out to report to the police, but Ling Tian is a nerve a little bit is thick, once the sense of right come up to can,t move brain, either, the big fellow says just that severals nerve that is for paralyzing a youth, unexpectedly the youth is so silly, still just beard together preach a reason with them, none of this big fellows knew to say him what.The big fellow walks to Ling Tian nearby, Ling Tian now still feels faint the dizzy, just big fellow one punch it is from the beard together dozen come in, that strength really isn,t him this kind of is thin the little person could bear of of, but don,t finish, suddenly Ling Tian again felt that the belly is uploaded a devote major efforts, the one mouthful saliva vomited out from Ling Tian Kou, Ling Tian in a twinkling feels that his/her own bowel sons all soon vomited.The facial expression that looking at Ling Tian is pains and sufferings, the big fellow says with smile:"The boy didn,t go so quickly, just not still very cow?Teach Lao Tze, I see you get fed up with living slanting?"Finish saying, another feet Chuai of big fellow at Ling Tian is belly up, then the big fellow squat down next grasp the hair of having Ling Tian, suddenly shine on wall up bump past, a scorching hot liquid flows through Ling Tian is eyelid, Ling Tian now the brain is murky, yes, he can feel that he is bleeding, greatly greatly chase of blood from under Ling Tian is head boudoir..His consciousness is also gradual faintness...Yes, oneself was so small and weak since the childhood and had no strength always be humiliated, but oneself had been insisting the he or she parents taught their own socalled justices since the childhood!!!Rightness!!!Insist the person of justice destine to have no strength?Is misty of listen to that bellowing of man, listen to unwilling pain and sufferings of that woman, why the evil person can call that the king overlord among states, why can those bad persons do as pleases?So the justice carried through by me, what is my persistence again?Is this a rule?Is this a social values?If that is wrong, I will with of aggro, even if put together to ascend me

And four people at least three above two meters

of outside to see pure the situation of inside, in have four rascals, each one has solid muscle from body Football Jerseys of the strong degree is big cold sky of still be dressed in short sleeve and then can see out from this.And four people at least three above two meters, see this, Ling Tian also swallowed saliva by himself/herself.Feel the throat NHL Jerseys a little bit becoming dry.See corner of wall one more male of be stepped in the sole of foot by a big fellow, but inside wall a woman headgear that longly has delicate looks isn,t whole, the canthus still takes tears, the very obvious this girl should be that man is girl friend, while these big fellows want*that woman.Want to come from F to haven,t come yet a night, if oneself comes to late order again, the result was so terrible we dared not thought about it.Thought of this Ling sky to in a twinkling feel that the sense of right in the brains came out again, he mercilessly stares at those four big fellows to roar a way:"Your a few bastards humiliates a female kid, you feel our own conscience over the idea of!A group of person is residues."Four big fellow one among the big fellows slowly walk to Ling Tian, and smile while arriving:"Brothers, why the need for so earnest, want to be different meeting you also come last."What Ling Tian cut up rough looking at that big fellow and roars a way:"I MLB Jerseys just can,t...!!"Of big fellow after approaching Ling Tian suddenly rounded a Ling Tian is temple of after death aiming at of Ling Tian for the one punch