Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Even pay the life price of being born

Bearing debt farmer work wages is already a long time an and involve thousand ten thousand social problems.In 2010, above-mentioned affairs far from individual case.Farmer work segment in Hunan day long encounter violence raid to unfortunately die while begging for to want wages, more chanel bags than 100 farmers work in Hubei begged for a salary in Shaanxi anti- is held by more than 300 men the wood rod beat°up ……farmer work in order to fight for his/her own legal labor income, don,t know to pay how much blood and sweat, even pay the life price of being born.Difficulties of maintain the rights of the road burned each citizen is mind, obviously the disadvantage is social the fair justice at the maintenance.
The business chanel purses enterprise has an obligation to issue wages in time, the related section has a responsibility to make to take charge of normalization.Bear debt farmer work wages multifarious conscience imperfection, law consciousness for presenting to public, highlighting an entrepreneur is weak thin and government the related section enforce the law dint not, protect the law of farmer work rights to lack rigid etc. many problems.There is expert that Be candid in saying:Basic reason BE, under the current law frame, owing salary not only can,t be subjected to punishment even also will be subjected to a benefit because of owing salary.Just because of such, owe salary to just greatly go its teachings, even develop to owe salary is with the degree that the violence deals with to beg for salary farmer work!

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