Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3 quality achievement 2 times

In 1987 drive Liberation Arm the always political department review for"whole army advanced women", is Communist Party of China tenth time and 13 national congress representativeses.Successively the glory signs No. 2 quality achievement once, No. 3 quality achievement 2 times, aircraft industry head office a wait achievement once.
Try to fly employee to make to have Gao risk
Although from the public data it is can hardly for inside to find out an our country to try the total amount of flying the member,the concerning the hero story that tries to fly a member usually sees the various report carrying.
100 degrees 100 sections suggest that trying to fly a member mainly is to exclusively serve as the airplane pilot whom the airplane flight experiments a task.With the biggest dissimilarity of common airplane pilot BE, the airplane driven by them never someone once flew.Try to fly a member in the middle chanel handbags of trying to fly in addition to pressing to request to safely complete to fly action, also want to explain various flight phenomenon from the theory, accurately report a flight circumstance, put forward chanel handbags to improve a suggestion.

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