Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is an effective system

Wu Yu Liang said that party and government have been chasing system construction as an anti- corrupt foundation work.Property is declaring is many systems that the nations have been already practiced, is an effective system, China has been embracing as well to actively push forward of attitude.
"For example I just mentioned we at 《 Cheng cures and prevents from going bad system constucting to program for 2008-2012 years 》in declared system to the property to carry on research and argument as a task to lift out.We promulgate this year of re- revise of concerning leadership the staff report an individual concerning the item rules in, and then report personal income of staffs of leadership, include house property and invest circumstance and spouse is sons and daughters are important rules to lift out from the circumstances like industry,etc."Wu Yu Liang says that" all of these is in the process of pushing forward property to declare system in of actual operation step."

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