Thursday, January 13, 2011

Construction that is an information-based system

Wu Yu Liang points out that go bad a becoming of phenomenon because of is complicated, anti- corrupt history progress in all countries and system of the set waits also because the state of the nation is different, the way of doing doesn,t exert a homology as well.
"I want to be a little bit explanatory here BE, the system construction is a system engineering, there is objective progress.A system set wants to want to can be carried out, make it after, don,t walk form, must have a series of integration.We feel that the demand is fortified now, construction that is a social reputation system, construction that is an information-based system."He says.
(Responsibility editor:Li Meng Yi)
New China net Chuang in the stone house gives or gets an electric shock(reporter, Zhang Tao , ) new superhighway in the city on December 29 two expect the 29th to be open to traffic, it will set up the high-speed passage of another Peking and Zhang Jia Kou is and hide a superhighway car to flow to the reposition of redundant personnel city, the perfect northwest goes to the capital of the network structure have realistic meaning.

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